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Dr.Clauder's Anti Struvite Emulsion 100 gr.

PRICE € 9,00

Emulsion to prevent struvite stones. The urine acidifying effect of the special formula also supports the dissolution of existing struvite stones.
Regular use can reduce the risk of recurrence of struvite stones.
• To prevent struvite stones
• Urine acidifying effect 
• Can promote the dissolution of existing struvite stones. Complementary feed for cats. 

Composition: rapeseed oil, malt, skimmed milk powder (lactose free), cranberries. 
Analytical Constituents: crude protein 6.9%, crude fat 17%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 2.5%, moisture 50%. Additives/kg: 
Nutritional additives: vitamins: A 53,750IU, E 32.25mg, C 1,075mg, B1 64.5mg, B2 64.5mg, B6 43mg, B12 65mcg, folate 10.75mg, pantothenic acid 129mg, niacin 129mg, choline chloride 2,000mg, DL-methionine 4%, taurine 5,000mg, trace elements: iron (as ferrous-II-sulfate, monohydrate) 24.75mg, iodine (as calcium iodine, anhydrous) 5.48mg, manganese (as manganese-II-sulphate, monohydrate) 21.09mg, zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 2.8mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.32mg. 
Technological additives: With preservatives, with emulsifier, with vegetable thickners, with Colouring agent. 
Feeding advice: 3 x 1g per 5-6kg body weight per day (1g = approx. 1.5cm paste strand).
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