Friday, March 22: YoCat! Yoga and relaxation with Neko's cats

Posted on 08 marzo 2019

Friday, March 22 at 9 pm
Evening of Yoga and relaxation conducted by Enrico Scognamiglio of the Yoga Center Ganesh of Vicenza.
Limited seats!
To book you can call us: 0444 040772 (from Wednesday to Sunday from 15 to 23)
or send us a message whatsapp 375 6023832
Why Yoga and Cats?
Our friends cats are so dignified, balanced, haughty and elegant, they give us the feeling of always knowing what their place in the world is. By practicing with them we learn the "here and now", that is, to be completely in the present moment without anguishing us, projecting the mind into the future or into the past.
What is Yoga?
At the base of Yoga there is the greater awareness of ourselves. We will become more present to ourselves, more attentive, more focused and calm, the body gains flexibility, the muscles and ligaments are reinforced with great advantages for posture. Breathing improves, becomes calm, deep and effective, ensuring the body a better oxygenation. It also acts in a profound and delicate way on the internal organs: it makes the vital processes perfectly efficient. Regardless of age or physical training, Yoga is for everyone and is practiced with respect for our sensations and limits.
Ganesh Yoga Center Viale della Scienza 9 - Vicenza
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What is a Neko Café?
It's the home of 6 cats where humans are welcome guests.
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