Marta Telatin: È tutta colpa del tiramisù.

Posted on 07 febbraio 2019

marta telatin e tutta colpa del tiramisu

Evening of poetry, music and purr!
The poems are interpreted by Marta Telatin and Davide Gesù, accompanied by the magical atmospheres of the Acoustic Spirit Valter Tessaris guitar.
There are kaleidoscopic tiramisu, created with impossible recipes and fairy tiramisu that realize miracles and transform horizons tiramisu that give happiness and change: long life elixir and tiramisu that can also tune in with the heart Open a globe in half, pour in the content of 4 planets and an asteroid, preferably B-612. Mix everything with 5 tablespoons of star sugar. As soon as all the grains melt, pour 500 grams of creamy love and whip 5 rainbows into the snow. All this should be mixed counterclockwise from the purr of your cat. If you do not have a cat ... get it!
Soak a box of fancy biscuits in the reality of coffee and sprinkle it all with some cocoa resilience.
Now yes that will really be all the fault of the tiramisu!

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