Monica Maria Ferrari ells: The treasure defended by Anguane cats

Posted on 20 maggio 2019

Anguanamadre and founder of the publishing house
ANGUANA EDIZIONI tells: The treasure defended by Anguane cats
Who were the Anguane and what were they doing? And what was the treasure their cats defended? Monica Maria Ferrari, Anguana mother and founder of the Anguana publishing house, will tell us ...
What is an Anguana? Anguane are a lot of things together: they are mainly mythical feminine and supernatural figures that meet in the folklore of all Northern Italy. The Anguane are female beings that live mainly near rivers, streams, springs and lakes, of which they are the custodians and spirits of the place. They live in clans or family groups, called còvoli. The Anguanamadre is very wise and cultured, and is the guardian of the treasure of the Anguane and nothing else would be more than a library full of books of all types and ages, magical and not, to defend this treasure, a large group of cats, well-dressed in the hunt for mice that could gnaw and ruin the precious volumes.
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