Posted on 23 gennaio 2019

neko music fest
First appointment of NEKO MUSIC FEST, dedicated to the authors of their own music. On the "stage" of the Neko they will perform
- CATZ: stage name of Giuseppe Gatti presenting his latest work entitled "Sorry I'm sorry".
- DEMIAN'S: author, singer and drummer with a disc in assets, in addition to many artistic collaborations, he loves to link his prose to the sounds of rock.
Are you a musician and usually play in front of 4 cats? Well, you can subscribe to NEKO MUSIC FEST, at least you'll have at least 7 ... Every Wednesday, at dinner time, you'll have a space at your disposal to play acoustically or on bases and, scattered, between the audience and the custodies of your instruments, the 7 Neko cats will keep you company that always appreciate good music.
For info and contacts: 345 706 5489
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