Thursday 23 May: YoGatto! Yoga and relaxation evening with the Neko cats

Posted on 23 maggio 2019

Thursday 23 May at 8 pm
Yoga and relaxation conducted by Martina.
You need to bring your own mat on which to sit, even a towel is fine, and a cover to use to warm up during relaxation.
Limited seats.
Contribution € 10 with membership card included (if you do not already have it) and relaxing herbal tea at the end of the lesson. To book you can call us: 0444 040772 (from Wednesday to Sunday from 15 to 23)
or send us a message whatsapp 375 6023832
You can book your card here:
Entry reserved for members.
Martina will guide you for a 75-minute Slow Flow session. This type of practice will include pranayama (breath modulation), meditation and a physical part of asana (postures). The slow flow is a type of yoga that allows the practitioner to create a synchronized rhythm between movement and his own breath, creating like a synchronized dance, in which he will learn the Traditional alignments of the asanas through fluid and soft transitions. The session ends with a body scan practice in order to create a deep relaxation relaxation and a regenerated awareness of one's body.
Why Yoga and Cats?
Our cat friends are so dignified, balanced, haughty and elegant, they give us the feeling of always knowing what their place in the world is. By practicing with them we learn the "here and now", that is, to be completely in the present moment without distressing ourselves, projecting the mind into the future or the past.
mappa neko
What is a Neko Café?
It's the home of 6 cats where humans are welcome guests.
The NEKO Association and its friends are waiting for you from Monday to Sunday.

Remember that in order to visit us you must become member.
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