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Dr.Clauder's PreBiotic Selected Pearls SEA FIS 200 gr

PRICE € 2,60

The health of our cats depends on good digestion. For this reason, Dr. Clauder's Pre Biotic line stimulates the optimal activity of the intestinal flora. The inulin contained (obtained from the artichoke) strengthens this process with its prebiotic effect. In this way the formation of beneficial and resistant intestinal bacteria is stimulated. A healthy stomach and intestine help the animal to better absorb the nutrients and active ingredients ingested through food!
Sea fish in combination with high quality inulin and a prebiotic effect. Without dyes or preservatives.
Ingredients: meat and animal by-products 69%, fish 29% and fish by-products (100% sea fish), mineral salts 1%, inulin 1%.
Analytical components: crude protein 10.3%, crude fat 6.2%, crude fiber 0.4%, crude ash 2.4%, humidity 79%.
Supplements / kg: Food supplements: vitamins D3 200IU, E 30mg, biotin 300mcg, taurine 1500mg.