Saturday 4 May: Aperitif with the vet

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Saturday 4 May: Aperitif with the vet

Saturday 4 May: Aperitif with the vet
Saturday 4 May at 9 pm The veterinary Isabella Scantamburlo of the Artemide Veterinary Clinic of Sovizzo will present the first of a series of events dedicated to cats and their owners. This evening is born from the deep love for the cats that live [...]

In Vicenza open first Neko Cat Cafè of Veneto!

Neko News!

In Vicenza open first Neko Cat Cafè of Veneto!

In Vicenza open first Neko Cat Cafè of Veneto!
After a year of sabbatical, even MEOWatical, the Neko reopens its doors in Vicenza. MicioPalla, Lotte, Werther, Bernard, Felix and Max can not wait to have human guests again to steal cuddles, give purrs and some hair. You will find Tibetan bridges [...]

Neko Cats


Neko, in Japanese means cat.

For a long time we of the non-profit animal advocate Neko FFFF (the F are the breath of the cat ...) we thought to create a place where the many cats we deal with could feel at home, treated and pampered as they deserve.
In many years, dozens of cats have walked for a stretch of life with us, making so many unforgettable moments, full of happiness and then nostalgia.
We thought it was time to do something more.
But what? One day, we read the news for us: in the country of the Rising Sun there are cafes where humans and cats live together.
It's like going to have a coffee at a friend's house with a house full of cats, you start by raising the cup, continue tasting a slice of cake and you end up with the cats on the knees that pretend a little caresses and of healthy scratches on the head and under the chin.

We wait at the Neko Café!


Neko 2.0 - Meow!
Neko 2.0 - Bernard come Maria Antonietta.
Neko 2.0 - C' era una volta una gatta...anzi, un gatto.
Neko 2.0
Neko 2.0 - Foto di Morena
Neko 2.0 - Foto di Monica
Neko 2.0 - Foto di Lavinia
Neko 2.0 - Foto di Federica
Neko 2.0 - Foto di Erika
Neko 2.0 - Foto di Ele
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What is a Neko Café?
It's the home of 6 cats where humans are welcome guests.
The NEKO Association and its friends are waiting for you from Monday to Sunday.

Remember that in order to visit us you must become member.
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