Saturday 8 February: Meeting with the author of the book "What does this intruder do to me? Diary of resistance against cats"

Posted on 21 gennaio 2020

Opportunists, cuddly, interested, positivity catalysts, selfish, agile, unpredictable, protectors of spiritual energy, potted, funny, spiteful, bad luck, elegant, hateful ... the terms used to describe cats vary from the most manifest dislike, to something like worship.
At Neko we meet the author of the book: "What does this intruder do in my house? Diary of cat resistance", the point of view of a rock cat on those strange bipeds, almost totally without fur, that gravitate around him and on other extras, more or less welcome. Dialogue with the author Livio Galla, lawyer and writer from Vicenza.
pensione per gatti al neko vicenza

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